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Disaster Info and Resources

In early 2008 our office launched the Disaster Coordinator program to build bridges between our congregations and the Florida Conference.  Disaster Coordinators are vital to the livelihood of this Ministry and can gain valuable experience serving as a volunteer for their congregation.  Some resources that may be helpful in their mission to prepare and plan their congregations and communities for the event of a future disaster can be found below:

  1. Disaster Planning for Your Congregation

  2. Disaster Digital Evacuation Planning Tool

  3. Florida Conference United Church of Christ Disaster Preparedness for Congregations

  4. Disaster Plan from Sanibel Congregational UCC

  5. Disaster Plan from Fort Myers Congregational UCC

  6. Congregation Contact Survey from Miami Beach Community Church UCC




 We are continually looking for skilled and unskilled volunteers to assist with clean-up and repairs from roofing to debris removal.

We also need help researching innovative ways to integrate disaster ministry into worship, church education and youth activities.  You can do this from home!

Why Volunteer?

Each year faith-based volunteers contribute time valued at %51.8 billion dollars, according to the Corporation for National and Community Service.  That is almost as much as the US Department of Education Budget and one-sixth of the entire US Federal Government non-military discretionary spending. 

Volunteering is a great way to expand the Ministry beyond the WALLS of the church.

 There are many reasons to volunteer.

·       Connect with your community     

·       Share your skills and gain new ones

·       Develop self-esteem and self-confidence

·       Meet new people from all walks of life

·       Enhance your resume and make important networking contacts

·       Promote a worthwhile activity

·       Feel needed and valued

·       Experience something new

·       Serve your country

How to get started?  Download these forms and contact the Volunteer Coordinator at  or 786-374-5542 for more information.

 Are there other ways you would like to volunteer?  Share your ideas with us? 

Disaster Response Questionnaire:  The following information will help us better organize our response to people who need help following a disaster.  It will also help us to be better prepared to minimize damage from disasters.  Please download the form and return to Bill Wealand as  noted on the questionnaire.

  1. Disaster Questionnaire


We provide assistance in natural disasters through financial assistance and more importantly with volunteers who assist to facilitate the rebuilding efforts.  The ministry provides financial assistance through participation in the work of the long-term recovery committees that exist at the county level. 

Skilled and unskilled volunteers assist with clean up and repairs from roofing to debris removal.  By using volunteers, we are able to help communities in leveraging limited financial resources that are available following disasters.

Our recovery efforts date back to the 2004 and 2005 hurricane seasons, include the tornados of 2006 and 2007, the flooding caused by Tropical Storm Fay IN 2008, the 2009 Memorial Day floods and the tornados throughout the summer of 2009.  With a projected 3-5 year recovery time, there are residents in parts of Florida that still need help to rebuild their homes and lives.  We need volunteers in a number of communities.

Additional information is available from Bill Wealand at or 352-406-4484


Biloxi, MS – January 5, 2016 – Back Bay Mission, a community ministry of the United Church of Christ, has opened its mission trip calendar for 2016.

Supervised by dedicated Back Bay Mission staff, mission trip volunteers work in a variety of Mission programs, including housing rehabilitation, the food pantry, and the Micah Day Center. Volunteers also have the chance to work at their sister organization, Loaves and Fishes. The wide variety of ministries at Back Bay Mission ensures that there is always something for volunteers to be involved in.

Volunteers also have opportunities for education, fellowship and teambuilding. The Mission has an accomplished record in housing rehabilitation services that is unparalleled in the region and is one of the most highly respected and utilized volunteer programs in the United Church of Christ.

For more information on volunteer opportunities at Back Bay Mission, please visit their website – – and look under the Get Involved menu tab. To reserve a date for a mission trip, please contact the Mission’s volunteer coordinator by email at

The minimum age for volunteers is 14.

Depending on group size and scheduling, some dates for 2015 may be available as well.

Back Bay Mission is a community ministry of the United Church of Christ dedicated to the eradication of the sting of poverty and its effects on individuals and communities. The Mission meets the urgent needs of those suffering from poverty and its effects while building pathways to social justice. It leads the way in delivering services, creating collaborative solutions and transforming lives through mission immersion experiences.

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