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Resources are for Florida Conference UCC congregations to register their “liturgical artists”. This registry includes but is not limited to:

  1. musicians/choirs

  2. actors/ensembles

  3. visual artists

  4. dancers

  5. poets

  6. storytellers

These resource persons are available to do presentations and/or workshops as representatives of the UCC “sponsoring church”. This registry is available for other Florida UCC congregations as “host churches” (or any outside agency, as well) to contract with these individuals/ensembles through the “sponsoring church” to hold events promoting their church and sharing the Gospel.

To register as a liturgical artist, send a Word document or PDF file to the Florida Conference UCC Office,  attention to Candy Younglove with the following information and format:

CATEGORY (Art, music, drama, etc.)


PHOTO (Current photograph)

BIO (Paragraph of brief biography and description of presentation)

CONTACT INFO (phone, e-mail, link, etc.)

AVAILABILITY (season, month, dates, etc.)

Registered Artists

  1.   Anne Berg - Storyteller / Writer

  2.   Nancy Bell - Actor / Playwright

  3.   Drew Willard - Artist / Storyteller



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