Prayers, rallies, arrests mark Poor Peoples Campaign launch

May 16, 2018

Thousands of activists calling for a just world for all people rallied on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol and more than 30 statehouses around the country on Monday, March 14, during the launch of 40 days of action by the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival. This campaign, which continues the 1968 initiative of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., is a nationwide call to action, aimed at changing legislation that penalizes poor people. The movement calls for justice for the most vulnerable, an end to systematic racism, ecological devastation, and an economy built around war. -> Read more ->

Register now for youth pilgrimage in June

March 26, 2018

If you're looking for something unique to do this summer, come join us on a journey of exploration, enlightenment and multiculturalism as we take a pilgrimage to Franklinton Center at Bricks in Whitakers, N.C., June 10-14. Once a slave plantation that was transformed into one of the first accredited schools for African Americans in the South, Franklinton Center at Bricks has a rich and interesting history. We only have room for 45 youths and 10 chaperones, so don’t delay; register today! -> Download the flyer | Register ! ->

UCC leaders grieve, urge activism after school shooting

February 15, 2018

Seventeen people died in a school shooting Wednesday afternoon in South Florida, killed on Valentine's Day by a former student expelled from the high school for disciplinary problems. "Oh, my heart aches at news like this. I hate watching these stories unfold," said the Rev. John Dorhauer, UCC general minister and president. -> Read more ->

-> Pastoral letter by Conference Minister Rev. John Vertigan ->

Putting our faith into action for second chances

November 23, 2017

Florida is the leader nationwide in the number of disenfranchised voters. The 1.68 million citizens here barred from voting because of a felony conviction (even if they've paid their debt to society) represents 10 percent of the state's voting population, the highest in the nation. Furthermore, the "war on drugs," coupled with the over-policing of minority communities, has exacerbated the impact on communities of color and has resulted in nearly a quarter of the voting-age African American population being excluded from voting for life. Does this sound like a just world for all to you? You can do something about it. -> Learn more! ->

NCC endorses sweeping initiative to end racism

November 10, 2017

Today the governing board of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA (NCC) enthusiastically endorsed a sweeping initiative to end racism.  This process, beginning with a massive rally on the National Mall in Washington, DC on April 4, 2018, will unfold over several years and will be the most visible and impactful work of the National Council of Churches in its recent history. -> Read more! ->

2017 Annual Gathering Highlights

October 26, 2017

Make Glad logoIt was a fine annual meeting in which we did business, worshiped and built relationships across the conference and with guests from the national staff. Whether you were able to join us or not, please enjoy these wrap up videos, created by Member in Discernment Teña T. Nock-Hope, and keep your energy level high as we continue to create a just world for all! -> Highlights video 1 | Highlights video 2 ->

Antal, other religious leaders 'Take a Knee' for climate change

October 25, 2017

The Rev. James Antal was one of a dozen religious leaders of Protestant, Catholic, Evangelical and Jewish traditions who gathered at the EPA Tuesday to "take a knee" in prayer and urge the current administration to address global climate change. Antal, who serves as general minister and president of the Massachusetts Conference United Church of Christ, presented a statement to the EPA. -> Read more ->

UCC responding to storm that affected us all

September 15, 2017

We've all been impacted by Irma. Some have felt the wrath of that storm more intensely than others, but not a one of us escaped the effects of that massive storm. Through it, and after it, I have remembered the words of Jesus when he promised his disciples, "I will not leave you desolate." It's a promise from which we can take heart as we move into the recovery phase of this event. I recall an announcer on news radio remarking that "the hurricane was the scary part; now we get into the tough part." -> Read more! ->

Hurricane Harvey prompts UCC emergency appeal

August 28, 2017

The United Church of Christ has launched an emergency appeal to help with long term recovery following Hurricane Harvey — a monster storm that has already displaced thousands of Texans and left five people dead. -> Read more | Donate now ->

Declaring the Earth is the Lord’s, UCC calls for environmental imperatives

July 06, 2017

The United Church of Christ, noting both the urgency of climate change and the continued debate over its existence, is "raising its prophetic voice" to urge the "healing of the Earth." On Monday, July 3, the delegates of the General Synod passed a resolution that calls on clergy across the life of the church to preach about the moral obligation to protect God's creation, and appeals to its members to lead efforts to educate and advocate for legislation to reduce the human impact on the environment. -> Read more! ->

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