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The Charles D. Wilson Fund provides scholarships to assist students in college or seminary preparing for the ministry and includes pursuit of undergraduate and graduate degrees.  It also provides funds to underwrite the cost of visiting lecturers and other programs to increase the skills and knowledge of the churches’ professional servants in the Conference.

> The Charles L. Burns Fund is a loaning fund to be used for new church starts seeking land purchases and/or churches  "securing premises to enable their growth." Eligibility begins with both the church and clergy being in good standing with the United Church of Christ and the church contributing to OCWM and being current on per capita dues. Some proof of ability to repay and access to church financials will be part of final determinations. Loan terms are cost plus carrying costs, administrative fees, etc. Loans are typically principal only plus recording fees (10 year amortization). For further information contact the conference minister at jvertigan@uccfla.orgUpdated Oct. 24, 2018.

> The Church Development Fund provides matching awards/grants to local UCC churches for experimentation with new kinds of ministry or for revitalization and renewal programs and projects.

> Jackson Interfaith Fund provides matching awards/grants  for creating multi-faith community within the Conference by utilizing arts and music, as well as participation in the rituals and liturgies led by members of the various faith communities. Awards can be used for honoraria, travel, program resources and scholarships.

The Naar Memorial Fund provides scholarships for enabling underprivileged young people from UCC churches in Florida to attend camps and conferences.

> The People Empowerment Fund provides matching awards/grants for programs and events that support justice advocacy for minority groups. Awards/grants are available for established churches or groups within a UCC church in good standing with the Conference.

> The Plymouth Women's Fellowship Fund provides scholarships to college students in The United Church of Christ.

> The Roger G. Wells Fund provides matching awards/grants to be used to provide formative Christian learning and recreational experiences for children and youth of any denomination in settings beyond the local church.

The Ward Family Fund provides awards/grants to support continuing educational opportunities for ministers in the Conference and other needs ministers may have.

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