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Scam artists target UCC email addresses again
Scam artists are once again sending emails to UCC members in the Florida Conference (and other conferences) that appear to come from the conference minister, the former moderator or other church leaders. The emails say something like "I need your help with something urgent. Please reply at your earliest convenience." Or they may say something like, "Are you busy? I have a matter I need you to handle discreetly, but I'm going into a meeting, no calls, so kindly respond via email." Those who reply are typically asked to purchase and send some form of gift cards, for which they will supposedly be reimbursed. You can read more about these phishing scams -> here ->.

Churches can file Yearbook reports now

Yep, it's that time again … time for all United Church of Christ churches to gather up their numbers and information and submit their reports for the 2021 UCC Yearbook! The UCC Data Hub opened for local churches to begin submitting their 2020 reports on Jan. 6. The Data Hub will close and churches will no longer be able to enter their reports after midnight on Wednesday, March 3. That's less than two months from now. So don't delay. Please file your reports as soon as possible. -> Click here for more information and step-by-step instructions. ->

Email scam alert
Scammers have been targeting members of the United Church of Christ and The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) with emails that appear to come from the denominations or their leaders recently. The fraudulent emails look very similar to those we send out regularly, using our logos and branding, and they may appear to come from Florida Conference staff members and/or what appear to be valid UCC email addresses. -> Read more! ->

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